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Loans - Home Equity
 Home Equity Loans 

Have your eye on a new home? Want to use the equity in the home you already have to finance a remodel, your child's education, or new business endeavor? Our home equity loans can help make your dreams come true.

Fixed Home Equity Loan

For applicants with a fixed amount of money in mind, who prefer to lock their interest rate and terms—a fixed rate mortgage is recommended. Members may apply for terms of five, 10, or 15 years.


No application fees.

No closing costs.

No annual fee.

No points.

Connecticut, owner occupied, property only.

Loans - Personal
 Personal Loans 

Whether you are looking to fund a large purchase or require assistance getting over a financial hurdle—sometimes, you just need more money than you may have on hand. We offer affordable Personal Loans to fit every budget.

Unsecured Loans

Borrow up to $15,000 to finance income tax payments, your child's college tuition, furniture, personal watercraft, and more.


Great low rates.

No pre-payment penalties.

Loan protection insurance available.

Share Secured Loans

Borrow from your savings while you continue to save money. This loan provides you the opportunity to borrow at a great low rate and, if necessary, can help you re-establish your credit.


Great low rates.

Quick access to cash.

Continue to receive monthly dividends.

Automatic payment option.

Loans - Vehicle
 Vehicle Loans 

Few things in life are more exciting than getting a new car. But if you are borrwing money to purchase it, you also want to make sure you get a great rate, flexible terms, and a monthly payment you can afford. Our competitive rates and friendly terms offer a great way to finance (or refinance) your vehicle purchase. Each vehicle loan product is designed to fit your specific needs, and features:


  • Great low rates.

  • Up to 100% financing.

  • Pre-approvals.

  • Loan protection insurance options.

  • Refinancing options.

New or Used Vehicle Loans

Finance the purchase of a new or used car or truck with our vehicle loans, designed specifically to fit your needs. Terms up to 6 years.

Recreational Vehicle Loans

Finance the purchase of your first or next sailboat, speedboat, motor home, trailer, or camper. Terms up to 10 years.

Loans - Auto Refinance
 Auto Loan Refinancing 

Refinancing an existing auto loan with us may help you save at least 1% off your current loan rate. For example, on an average loan amount of $12,707:



With Waterbury Postal Employees FCU

Average Annual Percentage Rate

Average Total

Interest Paid

With Other Financial Institution




Total Savings

over LIfe of the Loan


Loans - Educational
 Educational Loans 

Members can borrow up to $25,000 per student ($5,000 per year) with a low fixed-interest rate for 10 years, subject to credit approval. We offer unsecured loans to help fund an education at institutions such as:


  • Law/Medical Schools

  • Graduate Schools

  • Two- or Four-Year Colleges

  • Grammar Schools (including Kindergarten)

  • Pre-Kindergarten/Nursery Schools

  • High Schools

  • Tech/Vocational Schools

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